Kelar Atlantic provides complete services to assist your organization in being productive with your software investment.


Kelar Atlantic strives to help our clients to maximize their investment, we offer assistance from product selection all the way to tech support! Worried that you may not have the know-how to fully utilize your new software investment? Not to worry, Kelar offers intuitive product training that will get you and your team to be experts in your given software. Or maybe you are not sure what you need. Well, Kelar Atlantic is here to help; with our Needs Assessment Consultation, you can be sure that you have the best possible product for your task! We aim to get our clients in the best possible position for success, thusly, we also offer aid in:

  • Assistance Reports
  • Development
  • Technical Support
  • Product Development
  • Product Selection
  • Consulting
  • Project Management Consulting

For inquiries on our services please call: (716) 754-3100